Marriage Care

Marriage Care is a national organisation. It supports people through the best and worst of times in their marriage and family relationships.

Marriage Care is a charity operating across England and Wales, from 53 Centres, with 80 counselling locations. Our volunteers are mainly, though not exclusively, drawn from within the Catholic community. We provide marriage preparation, relationship counselling, relationship education and a telephone helpline. We also offer general support and advice to those who want to marry or enter long-term relationships.

Volunteers are always welcome to work in one of the above areas; or by offering administrative or management support to one of our Centres; or by making a financial donation towards our work.

If you are experiencing relationship problems, call our telephone helpline 0845 660 6000 or make an appointment to see a counsellor by calling 0800 389 3801 or visiting

Couples marrying in the parish are required to complete a FOCCUS inventory which is designed for use with individual couples. We believe that increasing couples' mutual understanding of their relationship, with all its richness and complexity, improves their chances of a lasting and satisfying life with each other.