Online Booking of Seats for Mass at St Augustine of Canterbury


Masses are being said at St Augustine's from Saturday 4th July. As social distancing within the church will be 2 metres, the number of people attending Mass has to be limited to 41 groups (maximum 88 people depending on the sizes of the groups attending). An on-line booking facility, called Ticket Tailor, is now being used to manage seat bookings beginning with Mass on Sunday 13th September.

Click here to book seats at Mass

On-Line Booking

Application for seats, in groups of 1,2,3,4,5 and 6, will require an email address. Seats will be on a first come first serve basis, and bookings will close at 5.00 pm the day before the Mass. If the number of seats you require is fully booked, apply for the next higher number of available seats. You will receive an automatic confirmation of your booking by email. You will not receive a 'ticket' but the stewards will have a list of seat bookings produced by the website. Bookings are only being accepted two weeks at a time.

If you wish to book seats for someone who is not on email, would you please provide their name and your email address on the application. Separate seat bookings are required for the other household and your own household. Seats can also be reserved for those not on email by contacting the parish office on 01245 465333 or Judith Wiseman on 07950924349, leaving your name, telephone number, the date you want to attend Mass and the number of seats you require.

The maximum number of seats per household that can be booked is 6. If you need more than 6, please ring the parish office on 01245 465333 or Judith Wiseman on 07950924349.

Additional Notes when Attending Mass

  1. Masses will be at the times advertised in the weekly newsletter and on this parish website.
  2. Once booked, especially for the busier Sunday Masses, you should aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass so stewards have enough time to get you seated and to allow Mass to start promptly.
  3. If you turn up without a booking, you will not be allowed to enter the church unless there is spare capacity.
  4. You have to wear a face covering in the church.
  5. Toilets will be closed.
  6. Please bear in mind that doors and windows will be open to provide maximum fresh air in the church, so you may find your seat to be draughty or cold.
  7. Sunday Mass attendance at present is not obligatory and you can alternatively attend a virtual Mass or one of the quieter weekday/Saturday Masses.