Services this week
Psalter Week 1

TWENTY-FIFTH SUNDAY OF YEAR A: 20th September 2020
(Home Mission Day)
St Augustine 9.00am Rosaleen and family

MONDAY: 21st September ST MATTHEW
St Augustine 9.30am Sr. Ann RIP

TUESDAY: 22nd September
St Augustine 10.30am

WEDNESDAY: 23rd September St Pius of Pietrelcina
St Augustine 7.30pm Stanley Ridley RIP

THURSDAY: 24th September Our Lady of Walsingham
St Augustine 9.30am

FRIDAY: 25th September
St Augustine 9.30am

SATURDAY: 26th September
St Augustine 9.30am Terry Proudfoot RIP

TWENTY-SIXTH SUNDAY OF YEAR A: 27th September 2020
St Augustine 9.00am Thomas Elambassery RIP