10th October 2021

Dear Parishioner

"What must I do to inherit eternal life?" The answer has been outlined by the Blessed Mother in her message: follow Jesus, obey God's will. The alternative - drifting along without responsible reflection - is a wasted life. The reply of Jesus to the young man who puts this question to him is surprising. The Gospel of Mark reveals Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus wants his hearers to be lead to his Father and the response to the rich young man demonstrates this fact. "Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone." The first response of Jesus in this incident is to urge fidelity to 'the commandments' - the pattern of life to which most of the Lord's disciples are called. However, this man was seeking a way that went beyond what had been recommended. Jesus 'looked steadily at him and loved him', and he urged him to 'sell everything he owned and give the money to the poor', and to join Jesus in the radical detachment that was Jesus' own way of life - for the sake of the Kingdom. Jesus makes two requirements of the wealthy man who approaches him. The first requirement is he must give up his possessions and the second requirement is the invitation Jesus extends to all would-be disciples: "follow me". Christians have generally understood that at the least, following Jesus requires that believers hold material possessions loosely and remain alert against seeking security in hoarding possessions. Jesus very much wants this man to be his disciple. We believe that the Christian faith is one in which each believer is in a personal relationship with Jesus. Just as this Gospel tells us that Jesus loves the man and is sad when he departs, so too, Jesus loves us and is saddened when we are unable to follow him.

The reaction of the young man leads Jesus to develop a theme important for all forms of discipleship: earthly possessions can prove a great obstacle to growth of life in Christ. The disciples were amazed, because many texts of the Old Testament seemed to imply that material wellbeing is a sign of God's blessing on a good life. Our reading from Wisdom shows that old Israel was already looking beyond this point of view. The whole life of Jesus is a corrective of this superficial interpretation of God's ways. His final words have a lesson for disciples, whatever the form of following to which they have been called - authentic fidelity is a gift of God, 'Everything is possible to God'. Our reading from Hebrews can serve as a commentary on the call of Jesus to make our life decisions in the presence of the Father. The 'Word of God' is a theme of great importance in the Old Testament. It is a Word that confronts believers with the ways of God. In Jesus we know the Word of God in person, a Word giving expression to the boundless love and generosity of the Father who calls each one of us.

Fr Jijo George


Please remember to pray for:

Daily for the sick clergy of our Diocese

The sick and housebound

Those who have recently died

Years Mind:
Tuesday: Fr. John Dempsey, Fr. Patrick Malin
Thursday: Mgr Matthias Kearney, Mgr Canon Michael McKenna
Friday: Canon Roderick Grant
Saturday: Mgr Canon Christopher Creede


First Reading: Isaiah 53:10-11
If he offers his life in atonement, he shall see his heirs, he shall have a long life.

Second Reading: Hebrews 4:14-16
Let us be confident in approaching the throne of grace.

Gospel: Mark 10:35-45
The Son of Man came to give his life as a ransom for many.