28th November 2021

Dear Parishioner

Today is the First Sunday of ADVENT and with this we WELCOME a new Liturgical year with a new cycle of prayers and Scripture readings - Cycle C. Plainly put, the term 'advent' comes from a Latin word 'Advenio' meaning 'coming' or 'arrival' of someone, but in our Christian understanding it unambiguously refers to 'the coming of Christ'. So, "Advent" is a Holy Season when we spiritually prepare ourselves for "the Coming of Christ". Now, when we speak of 'the coming of Christ', we realize that it is a mystery, for there are three comings of Christ: (1) The Incarnation of God the Son through Blessed Mother around 2000 years ago, (2) The eschatological coming of the day of God and of Christ and (3) Christ's daily presence and arrival through the sacraments - very specifically through the Eucharist. Thus in a general sense, the period of Advent encompasses all time viz. Past, Future & Present.

The First Coming, God comes in weakness, God comes in the quiet of the night, like a helpless child, in need of men and women to take care of him, to watch over him, to feed him. The Second Coming is more dramatic. "I will come in a cloud with the angels. And I will come and begin the new world." The world where love triumphs over hate, the love where people really begin to understand each other and care for each other and love each other, for this is the world that God has intended and this is the world that will be initiated when Jesus comes the second time. And the Third Coming is that Jesus is with us. The Risen Lord will be with us on the journey, down through the years, no matter how long it takes, will be at our side, never abandon us. And, of course, this is the real joy of Advent: the knowing of, and the loving of, this Messiah who comes to lead us safely home. But we have Advent and Advent is the season of hope, because the promise is no matter what happens one truth will last: "I will be with you all days, even to the consummation of the world." And we know that it is Jesus with us, guiding us. That no matter how dark it gets, we know that his light will shine through. It is his light that we follow. Yes, of course, the darkness, but the light shines only brighter in times of darkness.

Fr Jijo George


Please remember to pray for:

Daily for the sick clergy of our Diocese

The sick and housebound

Those who have recently died

Years Mind:
Sunday: Fr Patrick Bennett, Deacon Anthony Collings
Monday: Fr Francis Branney
Wednesday: Fr Bartholomew (Bart) Lynch
Thursday: Fr James Hannon
Saturday: Christopher McIntosh
Sunday: Kate Redfern