6th February 2022

Dear Parishioner

Jesus is a wonderful teacher and healer. When multitudes of people gather, he is moved by compassion, he provides for their material and spiritual hunger. He multiplies bread and then he heals those who were brought to Him. In today's gospel Jesus moves stealthily towards Peter, and in the pretext of being pressed by the people, he asks for a simple favour; to have Peter's boat moved a little further into the lake. Peter along with his companions begin to engage in the eloquent discourse of this amazing teacher, little aware what was going to happen. Peter was moved by the compassionate words that flowed from Jesus mouth. Jesus provides a miracle just for Peter-not to heal him of some infirmity, but to demonstrate Christ's overflowing love for him. He immediately realised how unworthy he was to receive such a grace of compassion, when they stood empty handed and without hope. Therefore Peter writes "Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you." Jesus says loudly through the miraculous catch that He cares for you and me. Whether through want or abundance, health or infirmity, am I able to discern Our Lord's lessons for me in my life? Am I open to his lessons of love?

Our Lord when dealing with Peter had great hopes for him. Jesus tests Peter's generosity by asking for a small favour to make use of Peter's boat for the proclamation of the kingdom of God. Then, Jesus led Peter to make an act of faith: he asked him to set out into the deep and drop his nets at a time when it didn't appear opportune to fish. Peter obliges and miracle happens, this enables Peter for the next big task, to be a fisher for men. Only by the grace of Christ is God able to redeem what humanly seems unsalvageable.

The greatest lesson for any sinner is God's infinite Mercy. This transforms Peter. Peter confesses his lack of faith despite his "obedience" to Our Lord's command to cast out into the deep. Our Lord taught Peter a great lesson of mercy when he blessed Peter's feeble and miserable faith with a contrastingly abundant catch of fish. Does my faith in God show in my actions? Am I willing to respond generously to the work of the New Evangelization?

Fr Jijo George


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