10th April 2022

Dear Parishioner

Today we begin Holy Week, in which the mystery of our Salvation is celebrated. These final moments in Jesus' life begin with His triumphal entry into the Holy City, Jerusalem. The procession with the palms reminds us of this Joyful entry. As the liturgy unfolds the passion of Christ, we listen to the word of God from Luke's Gospel (Luke 22:14-23:56). The agony that brings forgiveness, light and hope to many plunged in sin.

The Passion Sunday calls us to contemplate on the scene of the Crucifixion; what do we see, and what do we hear. There are three crosses and three men crucified. The man in the middle has a sign on his cross which read: "Jesus the Nazarene, the King of the Jews". Who is this king? We see the elders of the Jewish people ridiculing him, and the soldiers who stood by mocking him. And the man on the cross beside him deriding him. Jesus meek and humble, pinned to the cross provokes strong reactions from these varied individuals; he continues to provoke strong reactions even today.

We tend to overlook the crowd who stood by watching. As Jesus was mocked and ridiculed and scorned, they remained silent and did nothing. Even today the silence is overwhelming, we remain silent, watching and standing by, but not standing up?

The good thief put his faith in Christ. He was able to see Christ the King in all his humble glory, and he reached out for salvation. This king was a political failure. He had no success, no power to save his own life. The power he did have he freely surrendered rather than use it for personal gain. But he loved his own in the world. He loved them to the end. Would I follow such a king?

As we enter into our Easter journey let us fully take part in the liturgies that follow. In the Mass of Chrism, the priests together with the Bishop renew their priestly promises; do pray for all our priests. The Oils are prepared and blessed during the celebration and finally distributed to every parish in the diocese. Maundy Thursday brings out the institution of the Holy Eucharist and Priesthood. The institution of the priesthood is enacted in the washing of the feet. On the night of Holy Thursday, Eucharistic Adoration takes place, keeping vigil with Christ till midnight. On Good Friday we commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The adoration of the Cross and the universal prayers hold a special place in the liturgy. Holy Saturday we have the Easter Proclamation or Exsultet, the proclamation of the word of God, and the renewal of baptismal promises. Then comes Easter Sunday were we celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord. God bless You.

Fr Jijo George


Please remember to pray for:

Daily for the sick clergy of our Diocese

The sick and housebound

Those who have recently died

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Friday: Fr William Donelan, Fr George Duckett
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