Retreats/Family Holidays

Adult Retreats at Walsingham House

We will be trialling two long weekends this year simply themed as "Be still in the presence of the Lord". Adults will be able to arrive mid-morning Friday, and stay until lunchtime on Monday; there are 10 rooms available and these can be used as singles or twin rooms - if a twin room, it will be because a pair of adults want to stay together; we won't pair people up! So 15-20 people will be able to enjoy the house and grounds, with a simple programme of morning and evening prayer, mass, adoration and reconciliation, along with all meals. We are pricing this three night, four day, fully catered opportunity for peace, prayer and stillness at £200 if in a single room, £250 for a twin. All rooms are en-suite.

Please click here for dates and contact details.

Holiday opportunity for families at Walsingham House

We are looking at using a long weekend from 16-19 August as a chance for 8 families to come and stay in our larger rooms of 3-8 beds; families who would not get a summer holiday any other way. We'll put on trips and activities, and we will seek grant funding to keep it as economical as possible for the families. We are working in partnership with the SVP, who will locate families for us. This is a trial run this summer, and something we would hope to expand for future years. Please keep it in prayer.