(Divine Mercy Sunday)
24th April 2022

Dear Parishioner

This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday, where we recall the absolute mercy and love that Jesus has for all humanity. Speaking of God's divine mercy. God's mercy is better and more profound than any human mercy or compassion. The significance of the apparitions of Christ is of tremendous importance to each of his disciples and for us his future disciples. After all, Jesus had been betrayed and abandoned by most of his followers and almost all of his disciples, even to this day. Only a few loyal women stayed with him through it all. His chosen disciples were mostly scattered in fear. The foundation stone, Peter on which he would build his church, denied him three times. Now he is risen and he returns to meet them. What else could you expect if this were merely an earthly drama, there would be revenge, retribution, or at least an extended session of guilt trips and finger-pointing. But amazingly there is not a hint of judgement in our Lord's return. He does not even punish Thomas for his doubt and his demands before he would believe the news that Our Lord had indeed risen.

Christ meets Thomas where he left off the gathering and shows Thomas what he needed to be assured, he shows him his hands and his pierced side. That is fullness of mercy. That is fullness of compassion. That is life in abundance. It is also service and love. This is how God acts, a way which is very different from that of the world. Thomas, in the gospel is so inspiring, he doubted, but he did not leave. He was still with the disciples the next week, he struggled. But the others did not reject him and Jesus strengthened him in his struggle and doubts. At times in life, we will have doubts and fears. Jesus shows us all that we are right to trust in his promises, even when we do not always experience the confirmation of the truth of these promises with our own eyes, hands and ears. Thomas is a gift to us in another way. He shows us that the apostles were not foolish. What they experienced in the Risen Jesus was the experience of sensible people, just like you and me. Thinking people, who do not easily swallow everything we are told, but nevertheless, they truly did experience Jesus risen body and soul and this is what they have steadfastly passed on to all future generations. This is the testimony of sensible, deep-thinking people who know what they mean and mean what they say.

Fr Jijo George


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